Chris McCabe - Clotted Sun

Clotted Sun: An Anthology of West Norwood Poets Ten engraved stones at buried poets' graves across the cemetery, and a limited book edition with map (Columbarium, niche 50 T) 

'I have found details of ten poets buried at West Norwood and have researched their work. I found various amounts for each poet, and work of differing qualities; some of the poets were more successful in life than others, some had stronger gifts. To give them all another chance of readership I have had engraved a phrase from one of their poems onto stone and returned it to them. Even the weakest poem can contain a powerful two-word image.

To generate a wider readership I have had the stones photographed and made into a limited edition book. My role has been that of editor, bringing together poets whose lives spanned over two centuries and are only connected by where they are buried. The process has thrown up the question for me, as a poet: who will read my work when I'm dead?'